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North Penn Budget Calls For Tax Hike

A tax increase in proposed in the North Penn School District due to rising costs. WNPV’s Joe LeCompte reports

Author of Polar Bear Expedition on WNPV

Author who has released a new book on America’s first invasion of Russia was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition with Darryl Berger Wednesday morning.  

U.S Army Reserve Focuses on Cyber innovation

The U.S. Army Reserve is keying on private sector skills from people who know cyber innovation that are members of the Reserves. Major General Bo Young was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday morning with Darryl Berger.

Author Offers Key Strategy For Businesses

Referrals for business owners are a key part of adding more clients. Author and business owner, Stacey Brown Randall was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday with Darryl Berger to discuss her new book release on the subject.


Sullivan Pleads Guilty in Packer Murder

While jury selection was underway Tuesday in the Grace Packer murder case, Jacob Sullivan admitted to murdering the 14 year old girl. Sara Packer, Grace’s foster mother, will reportedly also enter a guilty plea for her part in the July 2016 crime.

Dr. Discusses Notorious Serial Killers on WNPV

America’s eerie fascination with serial killers and those who committed the crimes was the subject of conversation Tuesday afternoon on Comment Please By Univest. WNPV’s Darryl Berger interviewed, Dr. Darrel Turner, forensic psychologist on the topic.