Shocking News

I’ve known for more than a week what would be the topic of this blog.  But the news that I’ve been digesting since March 23rd has left me unable to communicate here, until now.  The person who I considered a mentor in this business and subsequently a friend, had been brutally murdered in NYC.  I met George Weber when I was 20 and inquiring about my first job in radio (non paying).   Though we were close in age, he had been on the air for several years.  George was collecting a pay check from two radio stations and teaching at a broadcast school when he became my supervisor at WCSD, a community radio station broadcasting from the basement of the Warminster township building.   His greatest gift to me was his enthusiasm for this business.   I didn’t have it when I began, but I got that from him and have had it for the 25 years since.   He also provided me with some of the basics of broadcast journalism that I apply almost everyday on the job.   George was like a radio prodigy, he was good as a kid and reached the top of the profession when he became the morning news anchor at WABC in NY.   Even when he was a kid, he enjoyed others successes and was always willing to provide assistance where he could.   I have heard over the past week that it was a trait he retained during his career in broadcasting.   During a period of 3 or 4 years, George was in my closest circle of friends.  He was a character.  If you knew him for any length of time, you had more than a handful of George Weber stories.  I haven’t seen him for more than a dozen years.  But news of his death shook me to the core.  Details of the murder filtered out over the days that followed.  He had been savagely attacked and stabbed nearly 50 times.  His accused killer was taken in custody a week ago today.   A 16 year old who’s Myspace page claimed he was a satanist and sadomasochist.   The accused (confessed) killer had apparently responded to an ad George placed on Craigslist looking for ‘rough sex’.  I dread additional sordid details emerging.   Certain things I can reconcile and others I cannot.  What I do need to acknowledge is his contribution to my career and life in broadcasting.   Personally, I owe a debt to George Weber.  My prayer now is that I don’t find out more info to further compromise my many fond memories of him.