Hoeffel Eyes Governor’s Mansion

For the second time, Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel is running for statewide office. Five years ago he lost a race against U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, and now he wants the Democratic nomination for governor.  He says he wants to continue Governor Ed Rendell’s progressive policies, and he has one attribute Rendell might not have.

“I like legislators.  I actually like them.  I used to be one.  I understand how they work, and what their goals are, and what their ambitions are, what their fears are.  My view is that government works best through coalitions – coalitions that bring people together across party lines, bring together people from rural areas and urban areas.  Excessive partisanship does not get the job done.”

Hoeffel says his bipartisan coalition with County Commissioners Chairman Jim Matthews proves that he can work across party lines, and a poll he had done shows him leading the field by a wide margin in the southeast, where 40 percent of the state’s Democrats live.  Philadelphia businessman Tom Knox, who ran against Michael Nutter in the city mayoral primary, is also seeking the nomination.  Two others in the Democratic primary field are from Allegheny County.  They are County Executive Dan Onorato and State Auditor General Jack Wagner.  Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty rounds out the field.