Fire Prevention Demonstration At Merrymead

Members of the Worcester Volunteer Fire Company were at Merrymead Farm Saturday with their trucks and equipment, sharing fire prevention tips with visitors. Firefighter Pam McClure (pictured below)  is in charge of the fire prevention program, and she says she goes around to schools and day cares teaching kids about fire prevention and the importance of having fire drills at home.

“Have your mommy or daddy set off the smoke detector, and everybody will go outside.  You’ll leave a door open if you have a pet because the pet will find its way out.  Do not go back into the house for your pet, your favorite toy, nothing.  Just go out of the house and go to your special spot.”

McClure says walk, don’t run, and go to one pre-determined spot, whether it’s a tree or a neighbor’s driveway or somewhere else, so the family and the neighbors will know that everybody is safe.