Two Face Reduced Charges In Lansdale Man’s Murder

One of three men accused of beating a Lansdale man outside a July Phillies game will stand trial for first degree murder. The beating left 22-year-old David Sale dead.  At an August hearing, witnesses testified that sale was punched and kicked while being held down on the ground, and he did not fight back.  Now a Philadelphia judge has ruled that 28-year-old Francis Kirchner delivered the fatal kick to sale’s head and neck while he was lying on the ground, and injuries inflicted by 35-year-old Charles Bowers and 45-year-old James Groves would not, by themselves, have caused Sale’s death.  The judge reduced the charges against them to third degree murder.  Police say the three men jumped Sale during the commotion caused by other fighting after they were ejected from a bar.  The three men are all city residents who went to the game with a large group from Moe’s Tavern, a Fishtown bar that sponsored a bus trip to the game.  An assistant medical examiner found that Sale had blunt force trauma all over his head and other injuries to the abdomen, liver, kidneys and pancreas, and one ear was nearly torn off.  The judge said the beating was savage and cowardly.