Municipal Election Results

The borough council slate endorsed by Citizens for a Better Lansdale has won election, but Democrat Ben Gross, who also received the group’s endorsement, has lost the mayoral race to Republican incumbent Andy Szekely. Gross says he lost the race because he lost the party endorsement.

“I was a lightning rod for the Democratic committee people who didn’t appreciate that I backed Republican candidates.  I took the fire for the Citizens for a Better Lansdale candidates.”

Szekely beat Gross by about 60 votes.  Republicans Mike Sobel, Dan Dunigan and Paul Clemente and Democrats Matt West and Mary Fuller won Borough Council seats.  One goal of the citizens group is removing long-time Borough Manager Lee Mangan from office. 

In North Wales, incumbent Democrat Doug Ross won re-election as mayor but lost a borough council majority, but he says working with a Republican majority will not be difficult.

“The important issues tend not to be partisan issues.  People tend to pitch together to get done what needs to get done”

Democrat Greta Washington got the most votes, and she was surprised.

     “I was hoping for a win, but I just didn’t think it was going to be top of the ticket.”

Republicans Mike McDonald and John Cotton won, as did Democrat Sally Neiderheiser and Council President Mark Tarlecki, also a Democrat.

    Republicans Larry Hughes and Tom Zipfel won seats on the Hatfield Township board of commissioners, defeating incumbents Charles Sisian and Lisa Correale, while Republican newcomers Candyce Chimera and Joe Walsh and incumbent Bob Birch won seats on the Montgomery Township board of supervisors.  Chimera and Walsh succeed veteran supervisors Steve Prousi and Bill Sarosky, who are both retiring.  (to see election day pictures, go to the home page and click on news, then election 2009.)