Lansdale Addressing Sewer Problem

Lansdale officials are working on a sewer problem with about a dozen York Avenue residents.
Their homes are connected to an old private sewer line under their back yards that backs up at times, especially during a heavy rain, and they need to hook up to a public line under the street.  The borough apparently put in the back yard connections in the late 1960’s, but they are illegal under today’s plumbing code.  Borough Manager Lee Mangan says borough crews will do the work up to the curb line, but not the laterals from there to the homes.

”Lateral construction and the like on private property tends to fall to the private property owners.  In a town like Lansdale, where you usually have about 35 to 50 homes that need lateral replacement per year, that cost is absorbed by the private property owner.”

He says permit fees will be waived.  While the homeowners are not completely satisfied with the plan, they hope to reach a further compromise, which will need council approval.