See Emergency Reports On Montcopa Website

Montgomery County has a new WebCAD interface that makes emergency dispatch reports available to the public on the internet. Deputy Public Safety Director Sean Petty says the information comes directly from the county’s computer-aided dispatch system.

“It’s connected to about 70 computer-aided dispatch terminals throughout the county at 13 remote sites and at the Department of Public Safety in Eagleville.  We did a lot of research before releasing this to look at some of the features in the WebCAD interfaces that are out there, and we believe that this is truly the most feature-rich, intuitive WebCAD that’s available.  It has more options and has a better user interface than any other one that I’ve been able to find so far.”

Petty says active fire and traffic incident updates are on the website, along with most medical emergencies, and fire and traffic incidents come with Google maps to pinpoint the locations.  Non-traffic police activity is being withheld to protect officers.  He says the new service was a collaborative effort between the pubic safety department and the information and technology solutions department.  To take a look, go to on the internet.