Washington Crossing Re-Enactment Is On

The Annual Christmas Day re-enactment of General George Washington and the Continental Army crossing the Delaware River is on, despite Washington Crossing State Park staff cutbacks resulting from budget cuts in Harrisburg. Bucks County State Representative Scott Petri says the state has licensed the event to the Bucks County Conference and Visitors Bureau, and Upper Makefield Township and its business and professional association will help the county organize it, and a new friends group will consolidate support for the park.

“There is plenty of heart and compassion for the park, and sometimes people’s enthusiasm can cause confusion or problems, so what we’re trying to do is say, ‘Let’s have a fresh start and bring all that enthusiasm to the table and let’s make some really good things happen.’  Christmas Day and a successful crossing will be the mark of how good our community is going to do, but so far things look really, really positive for the overall future of the park.”

Petri says the new friends group will have representatives of all existing groups to ensure everyone of a fair and equal voice.