Mitchell Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

Republican Rob Mitchell of Doylestown says he wants his party’s nomination to run against Congressman Patrick Murphy because the incumbent and other Democrats have lost touch with the people. He says the health care reform plan now before congress makes no sense.

“The health care system is one of the strongest industries in this country, and for some reason the government is trying to take it over the same way they took over General Motors.”

He says a key part of their plan is an accounting gimmick that would hurt Medicare.

“Take $500 billion away from Medicare and shift it over to a brand new entitlement program, and they’re calling that deficit neutral.  Medicare is already under-funded.  They’re stealing from something that’s broke, creating something new, and somehow saying that it isn’t going to place any more pressure on taxpayers in this country.  It’s just disingenuous.”mitch.jpg

Mitchell (pictured right) is one of three lawyers in the Republican field.  The other two are Dean Malik and Warwick Township Supervisor Judith Algeo.  Jeffrey Schott, who runs a Chalfont information technology company, is also seeking the nomination.  Mitchell appeared Tuesday on the WNPV talk program Comment Please by Univest, following his campaign kickoff at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown.

(Complete audio interview on
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