Wrongful Death Award In Holtzman Shooting

A Montgomery County judge has awarded $444,000 in damages to the estate of Craig Holtzman, who was shot and killed in September of 2000 outside the town home he shared with his parents in the Gwynnedale development in Upper Gwynedd.

The award comes as a result of a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Paul Bellina, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in Holtzman’s death.  The victim was 31 years old at the time.  Bellina is serving six to 20 years in state prison for shooting Holtzman eight times in a back yard at Gwynnedale, where they lived in adjacent townhouses, but did not know each other.  He has been denied parole twice.  Holtzman was shot twice in Bellina’s home after mistakenly entering it, five more times in the back while fleeing, and one more time while he was lying on the ground.  The award is to cover funeral expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and punitive damages.