Bustard’s Trees Birthday Party

A big 80th anniversary celebration takes place Saturday at Bustard’s Christmas Trees in Worcester.

It will be combined with the fourth annual Trees for Troops program, and Manager Jay Bustard says they have planned some special things for the day.

“We’re going to have the Worcester Elementary chorus come out in the morning, we’re going to have the North Montco vocational school come out and supply some food in the morning.  We’ll have some craft demonstrations and product demonstrations in the afternoon.  We’re really excited about our anniversary and we’re really excited about Trees for Troops.” tree.jpg

He says the demonstrations will include wreath hanging and putting a tree in a stand, as well as what do with the tree when you take it out of the house.

“We always put some peanut butter on pine cones and things like that, and then we put the tree outside the kitchen window, and it’s fun all winter long watching the birds come, so we’re going to try to teach people how to do some things like that.”

Bustard says they are also inviting people to buy a tree and donate it to military bases and families, or make a cash contribution for part of a tree, through Trees for Troops.  The anniversary celebration runs from 9:00AM to 9:00PM Saturday, and Trees for Troops donations are accepted Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Bustard’s Trees on Bustard Road in Worcester.