Montco Gets Parkland Donation

Montgomery County has accepted two tracts of donated land at Arcola and Cider Mill Roads in Upper Providence Township, adjacent to the Perkiomen Trail. They total a little over 1.5 acres, and Assistant County Planning Commission Director Mike Stokes says they were inspected very carefully.

“We did not necessarily follow the adage of ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth.’  We did look this gift horse in the mouth because, with every property we take on, even through a generous donation like this, it could create a future burden for our park system.”

He says one tract contains an old cider mill building, which is in good condition.

“It is very stable.  It has a brand new roof built within the last five years.  The structure itself is sound.  It’s secured.  It creates no potential liability.  It can be mothballed for many years until the park system needs it for storage or other facilities along the trail.”

Stokes says they need the property for a future connection between the Perkiomen Trail and Evansburg State Park, about a mile away, so they would have had to buy it eventually if they had not received the donation from owner Vivian Brenner.