WB Homes Requesting Larger Number Of Smaller Homes

A developer has asked Towamencin Township officials for permission to build more and smaller carriage homes and townhouses in the Thorndale development, on 43 acres along Allentown Road near the North Penn Water Authority headquarters.

126 have already been approved, and the company wants to add 42 more.  WB Homes Land Acquisition and Development Director Chris Canavan says the large homes proposed during the housing boom made sense at the time, but now the company has to diversify its housing stock.

“During the economic boom we started seeing a more segmented real estate market, where developments were directed toward a very small segment of the marketplace.  We’re seeing now where we have to change that model so that we can open it up to as many different buyers as possible.”

He says the carriage homes should sell for a little over $300,000 and the townhouses should sell for a little under that figure.