Horsham PD Gets New Headquarters

Horsham Township dedicated a new police station on Saturday, and Chief Robert Ruxton says it brings the department into the 21st century with a modern building that, among many other things, gives the sergeants separate office and locker room areas. “In the old building we had half lockers.  That room was for changing clothes.  It was also for officers writing reports, and it was also our training room, so whatever was going on if an officer came in to go on duty and he had to change his clothes everybody had to get up and walk outside.  The doors were closed, and then everybody would come back into the building again.  We had no training room before.  Now we have a training room.  It has desks for the officers and chairs.  It’s fabulous.”

He says it also has laboratories and a state-of-the-art evidence room.

“Everything is controlled by chain of evidence to the point where you have to make sure that once evidence is brought in it’s impossible for it to be tampered with by anybody else.  There’s pass-though lockers so that once an officer has put evidence in there, it’s impossible for anyone else to get into it.  It has to be taken out by the lab technician in another room.  It’s passed through the wall through the lockers.  We have refrigerators now for blood.  It’s just, I’ve got to keep on using the word fabulous.”

Chief Ruxton says the old police station, in the basement of the municipal building on Horsham Road, had 5,000 square feet of floor space.  The new one next door has 14,000 square feet, and they are using most of it.  Township Manager Mike McGee says the construction cost was about $4.8 million.  When you add in engineering, design and furniture, the cost is about $5.5 million.