Montco Shelter Bedbugs Exterminated

Exterminators from Bedbug Central were at the Montgomery County Homeless Outreach Center in Norristown Saturday, getting rid of the pests.

Research Entomologist Jeff White of Cooper Pest Solutions in Hamilton, New Jersey says county officials applied through a fictional character named Betty the Bedbug.

“They wrote a letter explaining to Betty why they could use this charitable donation at their facility, and so I came out and inspected it and we identified that they definitely did have a problem, and so we’re out here today trying to help them make the situation in this facility better.  That way, hopefully, everyone here can enjoy the holiday season a little bit more.”

He says they heat up a room to a point where it kills the bedbugs.

“Once you get over 120 degrees Fahrenheit that is a critical temperature for bedbugs, and their eggs and bugs will die, so we’ve created a heat chamber where we’ve got temperatures right now around 130 to 135 degrees and we’re taking the furniture that’s in the facility here and rotating it in and out of that room, heating up that furniture and eliminating bugs from the furniture.”

White says it’s hot enough to kill the bedbugs, but not hot enough to damage the furniture.  The company performed the service at no cost to the Montgomery County Homeless Outreach Center in Norristown, and it provided a similar service for the Bucks County Red Cross homeless shelter in Levittown.