Clymer Blasts Table Games Legislation

Bucks County State Representative Paul Clymer says lawmakers are moving in the wrong direction with their vote to allow table games such as roulette, poker and blackjack in casinos.

And he says a provision allowing them to serve free alcohol is especially deplorable.

“The casinos strive to keep those free drinks flowing to the consumer.  That’s a lethal mixture.”

He says house leaders refused to consider his amendment barring free drinks, and their action will make the problems caused by gambling worse.

“All we’re asking for is more dysfunctional families.  We’re asking for more crime and corruption.  These things are wrong.  It’s not the way Pennsylvania should be building its economy.”

Clymer says drinking makes gamblers more likely to lose more than they can afford, and house leaders also refused to consider his amendment barring casinos from extending lines of credit to customers.  He appeared Wednesday on the WNPV talk program Comment Please by Univest.