Hoax Mom Gets A Break

A Bucks County Judge has granted a request for a shorter jail term to a mother who admitted making up a phony story about being kidnapped.

38-year-old Bonnie Sweeten of Feasterville pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of identity theft and making false reports to police earlier this year, telling the judge she had no explanation for why she fled to Disney World with her nine-year-old daughter after concocting a story about two black men carjacking them and shoving them into the trunk of a Cadillac on Street Road in Southampton.  At the time of her sentencing the judge called her manipulative and cold-hearted and gave her 9 to 24 months in county prison.  At an appearance Wednesday Judge Jeffrey Finley said he sensed a new attitude and ruled that she can be released to house arrest on February 27, with monitoring by telephone and an electronic ankle bracelet.