Rafferty Sees Flaws In Table Game Legislation

Montgomery County State Senator John Rafferty says he voted against legislation legalizing table games at slot machine casinos, partly because license fees were too low, as he believes they were when slots were legalized.

He says he also opposed a provision expanding the number of casino licenses.

“To me that’s expanding gambling and it could trigger a mechanism in the original gaming bill that says if the commonwealth expands gambling or changes the gaming parameters in Pennsylvania that the licensees could go after their $50 million licenses.”

Under the law, Rafferty says, their license fees could be refunded if they can prove that the change in the law put them at a competitive disadvantage.  He says a lawsuit is challenging a small casino proposed for the Valley Forge Convention Center on those grounds.  He says the senate and house have passed different versions, and both have adjourned for the holidays, so the legislation will not get final approval until January or later.  He appeared Thursday on the WNPV talk program Comment Please by Univest.