Tree Tenders Training

wnpv_arts_entertainmentTreevitalize is offering Tree Tenders Training later this week in Montgomery County. State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Press Secretary Christina Novak says trees need proper care.

“Trees, just like people, need to be nurtured to thrive and we actually lose many of our urban street trees within the first 7 years of planting, so these classes will teach people how to help maintain our investments in trees and help them survive.”

Novak says Tree Tender trainees will learn about tree biology, identification, pruning and root care, as well as how to raise funds, manage volunteers and work with local government.  The program was developed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Penn State Extension Urban Foresters.  The classes start this Thursday, April 1, at the Oak Lane Day School in Blue Bell, and registration is required no later than Wednesday.  To register or for more information, go to on the internet.