Church Continues Haiti Relief Effort

bibleSouderton Mennonite Church members who were in Haiti at the time of the January earthquake have just returned from another visit. They distributed tents and other supplies collected through church efforts.  Haiti Relief Project Member Jeannine Cardona says people in the North Penn-Indian Valley area have been great, but more must be done.

“There is just so much work to be done, and we here can help, and we have the ability to do it, so I want to encourage people to keep pushing on, and what they’re doing here is making a difference there.  They’re providing a brighter future for the people of Haiti.”

Her father, Jim Frankenfield, says not much has changed in the island nation, but people are adjusting to very bad conditions.

“Not having work, not having a home, the whole environment is sad at best, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they are very resilient people with very outgoing personalities who believe that we’re going to get through this and move on.”

Frankenfield says he saw, heard, felt and smelled the earthquake, and the devastation is still hard to believe.  He says they are still collecting tents and other supplies for the victims, but what they need the most is money.  For more information go to or look for Tents for Haiti Project on Facebook.