Bank Robber Gets Long Prison Term

wnpv_police_beatA Warminster man who admitted holding up the Citizens Bank branch in the Davisville Shopping Center on Street Road in Warminster by claiming he had a bomb has been given seven to 20 years in state prison. The robbery happened last November.  52-year-old Glenn Weaver, who lived a short walk away from the bank, was arrested minutes later on Davisville Road.  Police stopped him because his Pontiac Grand Am fit the description witnesses gave of the getaway car.  A bag he was carrying contained money and a dye pack a teller had placed in it.  He entered a guilty plea earlier this year in Bucks County Court.  He also admitted phoning the Giant Food Store in Warminster the day before the bank robbery and saying two bombs were planted in the store.  It was evacuated and searched, but no bomb was found.  He said the plan there was to enter and steal money while the store was evacuated.  Weaver has a long criminal record including three prior armed robbery convictions.