Hoffman Delivers Conservative Message

wnpv_politicsOne of four republicans seeking the party’s nomination to run for congress in the Eighth District, Ira Hoffman, says his political awakening came in 1980 during Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign, even though he has always held conservative views. “The first day I started to work I realized that I was conservative.  I just believed in work, accountability, and I wouldn’t have said that I believed in limited Constitutional government which I believe in now, but that was in the package.  I just couldn’t articulate it in those terms, and I always believed in free markets and capitalism as the best system that society has for creating wealth and income and distributing it around.”

Hoffman says some government regulation of business is needed, but executives, shareholders and creditors should be held liable for failure, and massive bailouts at taxpayer expense are wrong.  He’s a self-employed financial advisor who lives in Solebury.  His three GOP primary opponents are Solebury Committeewoman and lawyer Gloria Carlineo, Langhorne human resources consultant James Jones and former Congressman and County Commissioner Mike Fitzpatrick.  The Eighth District is mostly in Bucks County, but it includes small pieces of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia.