Specter Heading for a Fall?

With a little over a week before the primary election, longtime US Senator Arlen Specter might be heading toward a loss next
Tuesday.   Polls and momentum seem to be favoring Joe Sestak.   Specter is the prototypical DC insider, the kind that voters seem to have in the cross-hairs this political season.   Specter was a democrat when he was Philly DA, became a republican to run for the senate and switched back to save his political skin when polls indicated he couldn’t win the GOP primary against Pat Toomey.   Obama-Rendell and other political power players did what they could to get Sestak out of the race.  Specter has been running lots of TV spots questioning Sestak’s military service and congressional attendance.   The negative ads are the evidence that internally the Specter camp thinks things will not go well next Tuesday.   Sestak is a creditable candidate and has run a decent campaign, but once again this is a race about the incumbent and the strong political current against DC insiders!