Man Seeks New Trial In Chae Murder Case

montco_courthouseThe second of two Philadelphia men convicted of killing businessman Robert Chae, in a home-invasion robbery at his Montgomery Township home, has asked for a new trial. 26-year-old Amatadi Latham was given life in prison without parole after a jury convicted him and alleged ringleader Joseph Page of second degree murder earlier this year.  His lawyer says he deserves a new trial because prosecutors failed to reveal during the first one that the only man found not guilty in the case admitted taking part.  Jurors acquitted 19-year-old Karre Pitts.  Defense Attorney Cary McClain says the confession would have been a key factor in Latham’s decision to testify at the trial, which he did, but prosecutors say it was not admissible at trial because it was off the record.  They say Latham entered Chae’s Gwynmont Drive home in January of last year with page and another man, bound him and his wife and their adult son and daughter with duct tape, beat Chae on the head and face, and left him on the garage floor to suffocate.  Four others have pleaded guilty to third degree murder.