In The Beginning

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Early Remote Schedule Dick Wright Ad Fred Day
First Day congrats

WNPV began its regular broadcasting schedule on October 17, 1960.  The main focus of the station was, and continues to be, delivering pertinent information to Montgomery and Bucks County residents.

Want to know what WNPV sounded like before we hit the airways? Here’s an early test run. (1hr 27min)
WNPV Morning Show with Dick Heist (includes music, news and an old Clyde S. Walton spot!)
The top two executives with Equitable Publishing, George Knipe and Howard Berky, found out that another local
businessman was exploring the possibility of putting a radio station on the air in the North Penn area.  
This prompted them to move forward with a plan which eventually won the blessing of the FCC.

A 1960 Christmas message from
George Knipe

Listen to an early William A. Gum Insurance commercial

Leroy Nuss was hired to be the Chief Engineer and was largely responsible for designing the broadcast facility on Snyder Road that continues to serve AM-1440. While Nuss took care of the technical side of getting WNPV up and running, Richard Heist was hired from WPAZ radio in Pottstown to be the station’s first Program Director.

The station’s future owner, John Skibbe, who was the head of circulation for the Equitable owned Reporter Newspaper, was appointed WNPV’s Business Manager. The first line up of radio personalities included Heist’s Sunrise Serenade, Bob Allen during the midday and Stu Montgomery on during the afternoon drive.   Bob Fretz who was with the Reporter, but had previous broadcast experience on WBUX in Doylestown was the station’s first News Director.

John Skibbe, station owner, discusses building a radio station.
WNPV puts up their “nightime towers” a first! With “Jungle Jim Church” Classic!

A promo from recording artist Joni James. James sold over 100 million records world wide.