News History

Paul Taylor Darryl Berger John Treese Belinda Bainbridge Joe Moskal
Randy Brock Jenny Robinson Bill Saunders

From the very beginning WNPV has been committed to covering local news.  Bob Fretz was a seasoned radio and print journalist when he was named the station’s first News Director in 1960.   The legendary Paul Taylor had a long tenure as ND, following a stint at WRCV in Philadelphia (which later became KYW). Numerous broadcasters have spent time in the WNPV newsroom.  Jenny Robinson, Jean Johnson, Pat Toddy, Bill Saunders, Phil Weber, Mike Harfman, Joe Heyer, Joe Moskal, Belinda Bainbridge, Pam Wilson, Jason Richards, Rick Woelfel, John Treese, Chuck Irwin and Darryl Berger are among the ranks.

Newscast from 1961 with Bob Fretz and Bob Allen
An early newscast

Current ND Randy Brock has spent nearly his entire working life as a broadcast journalist.  He’s done news for radio stations from Syracuse to Denver to Hartford and several in the Philadelphia region.   Pete Reinert has long been a news correspondent for WNPV, covering municipal meetings during the week and anchoring news on the weekend.

Current News Director Randy Brock
Pete Reinert is a news  voice many will recognize around the state of PA.

WNPV has received dozens of awards from the Associated Press, Philadelphia Press Association, Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters and the Society of Professional Journalists.   The station has received 4 Joe Snyder Awards from the AP for being the community radio station with the best news service in Pennsylvania.

Weekend news from the 1980’s with Jean Johnson
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John Treese has been among other things, a member of the WNPV news department