The Security Advisors – On Radio

WNPV Profile PicDave Gordon and Mike Dayoc graduated together from Bishop Kenrick High School in 1973.  Mike went right into college at Montgomery County Community College and then to West Chester University.  Dave left Kenrick and went to Parris Island for Marine Corp Boot Camp.  After graduation Mike worked a few years in the Montgomery County Adult Probation and Parole Dept.  After boot camp Dave went to San Diego for Field Radio Operator school.  Mike moved on to the Upper Dublin Police Department and went from patrol work to being a detective.  Dave moved through several bases and posts throughout Asia.

They ended up at the Katharine Gibbs School in 2007, Mike as the Chair of the Criminal Justice Department and Dave as an instructor in that same department.  When the school closed in 2008 they decided to go it on their own as The Security Advisors.  Now, they get to bring their professionalism and experience to the AM 1440 WNPV listeners every Monday at 11:10am as The Security Advisors – On Radio.

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