Lansdale Award



  During Lansdale’s early years a group of dedicated citizens stepped forward to help turn a sleepy rural village into a bustling railroad junction town. Today they are remembered as the borough’s founding fathers. 

   Those community leaders of the past shared a common goal: they contributed tirelessly over a long period of time to the betterment of Lansdale in a wide variety of ways.

  With their good works in mind, the Lansdale Founders Day Committee last year established the Borough of Lansdale Lifetime Achievement Award to honor an individual for his or her long-time commitment to the betterment of the borough through personal involvement, education, public service or other criteria deemed significant by the committee.

   The first recipient of this annual award was former Fairmount Fire Company Chief Jay Daveler for his life-long accomplishments in public safety, business and community activism. It was presented last August as part of the Founders Day celebration.

    This year’s selection will be made by a nominating subcommittee chaired by Margie Booz of Chantilly Floral Boutique. As part of the process the public is invited to nominate candidates for consideration.

   The criteria are:

— Nominees will be judged based on an extensive body of work that encompasses at least 25 years of dedication to the community through service in the public or private sector that benefited the citizens of Lansdale.

— While it is not essential that nominees be residents of Lansdale, their qualifications will be judged by long-term achievements that have had a direct, positive impact on the Borough of Lansdale.

— It is the Founders Day Committee’s intent to bestow this award on a living person. A posthumous award to an individual who died in the year prior to Aug. 24, 2013 would be considered.

    Nominations can be made on-line at — or just click on the Nominations button on the home page.  Nominations may also be delivered in person to Chantilly Floral Boutique, 29 W. Main St. Those submitting nominations must include a detailed description of the nominees’ qualifications for the award. The name, address and telephone number of the person making the nomination must also be included. 

   All nominations from the public must be received by Saturday, June 15.

   The 2013 recipient will be announced on or about August 1.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Margie Booz, (215) 855-9258.