F.T.C TO Upgrade Its Do Not Call List System

If youve been getting calls from telemarketers and you are on the do not call list the Federal Trade Commission is looking to upgrade the system with the your help.

Mike Bannon is the Director of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection. He says, the F.T.C. will move forward with improvements on the do not call list.

There will try to see what they can do better. They are taking pubic comments, which is something different that they are doing. We put a link on the Bucks County Consumer webpage where folks can go in and get their voice heard on what the government can do to better support and tweak the do not call list to stop those calls we talk about all of the time.

Bannon, a guest on the WNPVs AM Edition Tuesday morning, says political calls seeking votes are exempt from the list. You can go to Buckscounty.org to find a link to the Federal Trade Commissions website to make a suggestion.