Politics Play Out in Centre Co. With Castor in The Mix

Montgomery County Commissioner and candidate for Montgomery County District Attorney, Bruce Castor has been sworn in as a Special Assistant District Attorney in Centre County. Castor says, Commissioners in Centre County have gone after District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.

“They went so far as to manufacture a search warrant for her office and that made news across the statewide and got some guys in the D.A Association interested, who contacted me and asked me if I would take a look at it. It is in fact as crazy as it was back when Hoeffel and Matthews were going after D.A. Ferman and Solicitor, Barry Miller.”

Stacy Parks Miller, who appointed castor to the post, has fought allegations since last year of impropriety, including claims that she forged a Judge’s signature on a bail order and pressured her employees to campaign for her re-election while on county time.