Bucks Co. Consumer Advocate: Beware of Gypsy Contractors

This is the time of year you may find someone knocking on your door to offer improvements to your home or suggest a service to the outside of your property. Director of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection, Mike Bannon warns homeowners to be on guard for gypsy contractors, who offer to provide work, like a repaved driver, but it’s often done with old or used materials and they rarely finish the job, while taking off with your payment.

“The right way to do this, if you need your driveway repaved, you should think about it, plan it in advance or simply go to the Attorney General website for a reputable contractor that licensed and bonded.”

Bannon was a guest on WNPV’S AM Edition Tuesday morning. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s website is Attorneygeneral.gov. On the website you will see a link for home contractors. Bannon says, they called “gypsy contractors” because they travel from state to state and before a homeowner realizes they been ripped off, the contractors are in another state or county.