U.S Still Bright Spot in World Economy

An economic summit in Lower Gwynedd brought together businesses where the Philadelphia Federal Reserve offered economic information. Research Associate, Ardy Wurtzel says there’s been moderate growth.

“We’re still growing quicker than any other global economy. We are still raising our standard of living and allof this feeds into the U.S. still being the bright spot. It may not be as great as we like, but we need to keep into perspective that we may be in a knew normal of lower growth and lower inflation.”

Gary Volpe of Volpe Enterprises says, he appreciates the vital stats, but he also relies on gut instinct, which led to a new showroom 4 years ago.

“After 45 years in business, you sort of get a feel for what’s going to happen and at that time our business was growing. We felt that was the time to do it.”

Univest hosted Thursday’s Economic Summit at the William Penn Inn.