Complaint Against Bucks County Treasurer’s Office

A complaint against the Bucks County Treasurer’s office now has the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office taking a closer look. According to reports, the complaint was sent through an anonymous letter and focused on mishandled checks for 911 and that a cover up was carried out due to mistakes. Someone in the office did not deposit numerous checks. According to Bucks County Treasurer, William Snyder, the checks were damaged, but he adds, money was not lost or taken. Snyder, according to reports, went on to say that there was one person who made some mistakes on checks. Snyder says he didn’t see the anonymous letter that was sent, but he says, his office does not collect checks for the emergency communications system. Bucks County District Attorney Dave Heckler verified that his office was looking into the matter, but he would not call it a probe. William Snyder has been Bucks County Treasurer since 1980. He plans to retire in January.