Jury in Place For Kane Trial

A Montgomery County Jury is now in place hearing opening statements Tuesday morning for the trial of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

After 100 potential jurors were called to Norristown Monday, 6 men and 6 women, with four alternates, two men and two women, emerged to sit on one of the more noteworthy cases in recent Montgomery County history. The jurors will hear testimony from witnesses, including staff from the Attorney General’s office, Philadelphia D.A., Seth Williams, Judges and newspaper reporters. Lansdale defense attorney Marc Steinberg says a good judge tries to stay out of the case and allow the attorney’s to present their case without too much interference.

“And that’s what I would expect from Judge Demchick-Alloy. But the Judges rulings are what are important in this case. They have obviously been important leading up to the trial as the Judge has made a number of rulings to information out of the trial from the jury’s ears concerning the allegations that the attorney general has made about the reason for the prosecution.”

Kane is charged with perjury, making false statements and obstruction in connection with allegedly releasing grand jury information to a newspaper reporter in an effort, according to the prosecution, to embarrass a political rival. Kane continues to maintain that she’s being targeted for exposing state officials in e-mail porn scandal.