Montgomery Township Official Steps Down

Supervisor Chairman Joe Walsh resigned Monday night in advance of taking the oath as a Montgomery County Judge later this month.

He served the community as a Supervisor for almost seven years and was a member of the North Penn School board prior to his time as a supervisor. Walsh doesn’t usually get emotional but last night was the exception.

“I got choked up. I spent a lot of time at meetings, setting the agenda. I’m going to be missing it. It going to be a loss to me moving on and I have to move off my own professional practice that I started, so that will be difficult. So a lot of mixed emotions these days, it’s been a crazy summer. But at the end of the day I’m looking forward to getting settled in Norristown

Walsh will be a family court judge. His appointment runs through the end of next year and he plans to run for the judicial seat in the 2017 election cycle to retain it.