Gale Rejects Idea of Adding Fee to Montco. Drivers

The Montgomery County Commissioners may still vote to impose a five dollar fee for drivers.

Commissioner Joe Gale says Act 89 was passed in 2013 to pay for roads and, he adds, it’s flawed.

“What we gained from Act 89 was the highest gas tax in the whole entire nation. I think the public pays enough. We already have 50 cents per gallon tax at the pump. What are they doing with the money that they can’t maintain roads and bridges?”

Gale, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition, says the issue was raised two weeks ago, but was taken off the agenda at the last minute. Gale plans to vote against it if it comes up again. Gale says part of his campaign platform was to keep costs down for taxpayers. Gale says county taxpayers recently had their property taxes raised, bringing in 18 million dollars to the county.