Proposal in Lansdale Before a Home Can Be Sold

An ordinance that would require homes to be inspected before they are sold is under discussion in Lansdale.

The inspector would check that the house number is displayed as required. They would also make sure the curbs and sidewalks are up to code. Council Member Leon Angelichio says Borough officials don’t want to impede the sales process but the buyer should be aware of all disclosure items.

“Such as, on my street when it was repaved, we had a situation where two homes sold. Between the time it was decided that the houses were going to have the sidewalks done and they actually got done. So, we’ve had two new families come in, unbeknownst to them that they were going to get a healthy bill for doing their curbs and sidewalks.”

The Borough already has an ordinance on the books that describes how house numbers are to be displayed. They are required to be lit and near a door using four inch Arabic characters.