Montco. Commissioners Clash Over Voting System

A Montgomery County Judge has extended the deadline for the receipt of absentee ballots cast in the election next week.

The Board of Elections petitioned the court for more time after it determined that a relatively low number have been returned so far. The new deadline is election day at 8 pm. It was five o’clock this afternoon. County Commissioner Val Arkoosh cited factors beyond the control of the county for the slow return of absentee ballots and she was irritated when Commissioner Joe Gale expressed dismay about the leader of the Voter Services Department being a former political operative for Commissioner Chairman Josh Shapiro.

“All of us that are on this election board, Commissioner Gale included have a statutory responsibility to investigate any irregularities, any concerns about fraud or violations of the election code and report any ting they are concerned about to the District Attorney.”

Gale said this is not an issue for the District Attorney:

“What I’m claiming is I think there should be faith and confidence for the public in our election process and hiring a former political campaign field director as the supervisor of the voters services department does not do that.”

Arkoosh replied that it was Gale who had introduced politics into preparations for the election by running ads saying that voting is rigged in Philadelphia and Montgomery County.