Bannon: Scammers Are Using E-Mails to Trick Consumers

A warning from Bucks County’s Consumer Champ.

Scammers are trying another ploy to separate consumers from their money and information.

“People have been getting e-mails from someone saying they are from the I.R.S., accusing the receiver of not doing the Affordable Care Act correctly and therefore money is owed or you will be subject to fines and arrest. It’s the same kind of scam that’s been happening, the only difference is the scammers are focusing on health insurance.”

That’s Mike Bannon, Director of The Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection. Bannon says, simply delete the
E-mails and never provide any personal information if you’re contacted by e-mail or phone. Bannon says, the I.R.S. sends request for information through the U.S Mail.