Bucks Co. D.A. Details Sad Ending of Missing Teen

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub now knows the full story behind the disappearance of Grace Packer and what happened to the 14 year old after she was reported missing from her Abington Township home in July.

Weintraub says, on July 8th Grace was taken from Abington to a rented home in Richland Township by 41 year old Sara Packer, the woman who adopted her and her boyfriend, 44 year old Jacob Sullivan.

“She was beaten, she was raped, she was sexually assaulted and then she was dumped like garbage.

Weintraub says, hunters found Grace’s dismembered body in October in Luzerne County, but before her body was discovered, Weintraube says, Packer and Sullivan hid her body in the home. On July 9th, the day after the sex assault and attack on Grace, Sullivan and Packer pumped her up with drugs to try to force her death, but when they found her still alive, Sullivan strangled her to death.

“Poor Grace was stored in a cedar closet while covered with moth balls and kitty litter and to them she was really just a disposable child.”

Weintraub says, Packer and Sullivan dismembered Grace’s body in the Richland Township home they were renting. Sara Packer continued to collect Grace’s social security checks while she was missing. Packer and Sullivan face a combined 36 charges, including murder. Bail has been denied for Packer and Sullivan. The truth of Grace’s fate was unraveled when Sullivan and Packer recently tried to embark on a suicide pact with drugs. Sullivan, while in Abington Hospital Jefferson Health, allegedly told staff what he and Packer has done to Grace.

Weintraub has worked numerous cases involving the worst in horrors that humans can inflict upon each other, but in this case it was apparent during a weekend news conference that it impacted Weintraub, perhaps more so than any other case he’s ever investigated.

“It really shakes one’s belief in the goodness of humanity.”

The Bucks County’s D.A. Office is also investigating another woman who had a connection to Packer and Sullivan.