Wissahickon School Board Proposes Property Tax Hike

The budget process for the next school year is underway in the Wissahickon School District.

The School Board Monday night voted to advertise a proposed preliminary budget that includes a 4.3 percent property tax hike, which translates into almost 170 dollars for the average homeowner. Superintendent James Crisfield says increases in salaries and benefits are driving the need for additional revenue and the proposed tax hike is a worst case scenario.

“That number comes from the state’s Act 1 index, which is the same for everybody, 2.5 and then our district’s specific exemptions, which are 1.8.”

The school board will decide on January 23rd if it will ask state approval to take the exceptions. If it does, a preliminary budget will need to be approved at the February 13th school board meeting. Otherwise, the preliminary spending plan will be adopted in April or may. In any case, district officials say expect lots of discussion and refinement before the final budget is presented for approval before the deadline at the end of June.