The Doctors Buckwalter Call It a Career After 56 Years

Two doctors in a medical practice for 56 years and in a marriage for 60 years, have seen both stand the test of time.

Dr. Phyllis Buckwalter and her husband, Dr. Richard Buckwalter, met in medical school at Temple University. The couple, dedicated to their patients from day one in 1960, have retired from their Horsham practice. Dr Phyllis Buckwalter treated patients for decades.

“When they were young and now they are over Medicare age, they are well up in their 60’s, almost 70. You build a very close relationship with these people. It’s a very emotional time when you decide to retire and they’re sad and you shed many tears. I retired August 1st of 2016.”

Dr Richard Buckwalter says connecting with patients was vital to the success of the practice and for the benefit of patients.

“We had the luxury of owning our own practice so that we were not told by somebody else what we can do or what would could not do as far as spending time with patients and how we practice.”

Drs. Phyllis and Richard Buckwalter started their practice on June 13th, 1960, in Horsham. When they first started, the charge for a visit was $3.00.

Dr. Phyllis Buckwalter says while there are many ailments that are caused by human behavior, one stands at the top of the list.

“From my experience over the decades, smoking is the worst behavior that a person can inflict upon their body. Obesity and diabetes are certainly on the list, but I have to say, smoking causes so much damage to the body, and we’ve seen and treated very young people who’ve suffered heart attacks as a result of using cigarettes.”