Fitzpatrick Assigned to Two Vital Committees in D.C.

8th District Congressmen Brian Fitzpatrick says he’s ready to tackle the issues surrounding cyber security.

The freshman Republican lawmaker says his appointment to the Homeland Security Committee puts him right in the middle of that issue.

“We have a lot of vulnerabilities in this country that need to be plugged. It’s no surprise those issues have been front and center going on a year. Between the DNC hacking and the OPM hacking and the issue of potential Russian interference, cyber security is an issue that’s going to be front and center. It’s one of the main issues that we’re going to tackle on the Homeland Security Committee.”

Fitzpatrick was a guest on Friday’s Comment Please By Univest on WNPV. Fitzpatrick says that, as a former F.B.I. agent, he’s happy with his assignments on the Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committee.