Congressman Boyle: Trump Too Far Out of The Mainstream

The 13th District Democrat says the new President said on the campaign trail that he didn’t feel he had to comply with the Supreme Court.

Boyle thinks it could create a constitutional crisis.

“I hope and pray I’m wrong. I hope four years from now, God willing I’m back on your show, I’ll be able to say, boy I really overstated the fear and just turns out that Donald Trump was just a lot of shtick and that was part of his act and really didn’t do those sorts of things. But I hope people understand just how different he is and I think a lot of folks are maybe a little naive about how different Trump is compared to all of the previous Presidents.”

Boyle joined more than 70 of his democratic colleagues in the House in a boycott of President Trump’s Inauguration, which he says was a very difficult call. Boyle was a guest Wednesday morning on WNPV’s AM Edition.