Co-Author of New Book About Putin on WNPV

A new book entitled Putin’s Master Plan says Donald Trump will have his hands full in dealing with the Russian President.

Evan Roth Smith says Vladimir Putin was able to carry out his expansionist agenda because of weakness in the Bush and Obama Administrations. He predicted Trump might have better luck if he deals from a position of strength. But on Wednesday’s Comment Please By Univest Program on WNPV, Smith called for the Senate to reject Rex Tillerson’s nomination as Secretary of State.

“Rex Tillerson is too close to Russia for him to be effective as Secretary of State. I understand why he was nominated because he was the C.E.O of Exxon. He has responsibilities to shareholders and employees to try and make money and try to run a company and for him that meant getting close to Russia and being friendly with Putin, but unfortunately that is not in the job description of the Secretary of State.”

Despite that, Smith does think Tillerson will win Senate confirmation.