It’s National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.

Dr. Wilson Compton is the Deputy Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Dr Compton, on WNPV’s AM Edition this week talked about separating myth from facts as it concerns pills and prescriptions.

“People will often say, well it comes from a pharmacy, how dangerous can it be. It must be safe and effective I’m misusing a prescription pill and that could not be further from the truth. The pills that come pharmacies are the same drug classes as some of the illegal drugs. For instance, the painkillers are the same, once they enter the brain, to heroin and streets drugs.”

Dr. Compton says, while statistics show fewer teens are using alcohol, some are engaging in dangerous us of alcohol.

“We’ve seen a shocking number of teens using alcohol heavily and that binge drinking can particularly dangerous.”

Dr Compton says, people don’t realize how lethal alcohol can be when it’s massively consumed in a short period of time. He also says, while marijuana is being used medically and recreationally, teens should not be using marijuana because the substance can stunt a teen’s cognitive growth and lead to addiction of the drug.