Five Men Charged For Alleged Abuse of Child

A Quakertown man is one of five men who allegedly sexually assaulted a nine year boy beginning in 2009 and continued sexually assaulting him for several years.

The victim says he was taken to a home where men were dressed up as furries. It’s a sexual fetish, according to investigators, where men dress up as animals. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is investigating the case with Bucks County D.A. Matt Weintraub. Shapiro, at a joint news conference with Weintraub Sunday in Warminster, says one of the suspects, 38 year old David Parker of Stroudsburg took the boy to a home where he was introduced to a man dressed as a red fox, known as “Lupine.” The victim identified the man as 57 year old, Kenneth Fenske, of Quakertown, who took the boy upstairs and sexually abused him. Investigators say the abuse happened at Fenske’s Quakertown residence. Shapiro urges anyone with information to call the Pa. Attorney General’s office at 1-800-385-1044

“We believe there are other victims and we would like to hear from you.”

Fenske is charged with child rape and additional offenses.
The other men charged in the sex ring are Jeffery Harvey of West Wyoming, Luzerne County, David Parker of Stroudsburg, 35 year old, Craig Knox of in Pittston, Luzerne County and Stephen Taylor of Virginia. The four men face similar charges. The Pa. Attorney General’s office Child Predator Unit discovered what the five men were doing when an officer with the unit went online, pretending to be a teen and came in contact with one of the men. Shapiro says, it’s an ongoing investigation and that more arrests could be made in the coming days and weeks.