Former Student Files Lawsuit Against Pennridge

A former Pennridge high school student, now 19 years old, has filed a lawsuit against the Pennridge School District on the grounds that she was allegedly bullied during her time at the school and that the district did nothing to address the problem.

The harassment, according to the plaintiff, Modupe Williams, started in 2012. Williams, whose parents are from Nigeria says she faced constant bullying, on one occasion, a student asked her if her parents were drunk when they named her Modupe. Williams says, due to that and other incidents, it was difficult attending Pennridge under those conditions. In the complaint, Williams says she transferred to another school at the end of 2012 and the Pennridge School District refused to send her transcripts. Williams is being represented in the suit by the National Women’s Law Center. Alexandra Brodsky, a fellow at the National Women’s Law Center says, more students have come forward to complain about similar experiences since the suit was filed on January 19th. Brodsky says, the Pennridge School District completed ignored its moral and legal responsibility to help one of its students when the student was harassed because of her race and sex.