Governor Wolf Proposes 32.3 Billion Dollar Budget

Governor Wolf’s 32.3 billion dollar budget for 2017-18 is big on education with an increase from the previous budget.

Wolf pledged funds for three areas of education

“125 million dollars for k through 12 classrooms, 75 million dollars to expand high quality early childhood education and 8.9 million dollars in additional money for the state system of higher education.”

Wolf also promised funds to fight the heroin and opioid crisis and to help seniors receive care in their own homes. Republican Montgomery County State Rep. Kate Harper says, while Governor Wolf promised no broad based tax increases, lawmakers will take a deeper look at the budget

“The legislature generally holds budget hearings where they go through the budget, line by line, through the month of February to try and figure out where the money is coming from and where it is not being spent, that will happen and will vet with budget, but I’m a little worried that their may be hidden taxes.”

Democratic State Rep. Matt Bradford expects the Governor to ask for a severance tax on gas drillers.

“Obviously for a lot of us it continues to be a head scratcher of monumental proportion that we can’t get this through. The Governor has offered the olive branch and it’s time will pass a severance tax to help pay for schools and property taxes.”

Bradford and Harper were guests on Comment Please By Univest Tuesday on WNPV Radio.